Magical times

Magical times

Dumbledore had to die but Harry Potter survived. I’m so relieved! What a ride, the Harry Potter movies. My daughter and I spent five hours (!) on our couch today watching the final two movies in the eight-part series. Yes, I missed all of the movies when they were made. This has a tendency to happen; I often do not read best-selling books either until years later. But the time had come because this spring, my kid and I will travel to London to go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour The making of Harry Potter. And of course this will be much more fun if I actually understand what it is I’m looking at. So off I went, and dove into the wizarding world of Harry Potter together with my 14YO who is absolutely crazy about all things Potter.

I’m not a sci-fi girl and I’m not a fantasy fan. But this, this was truly remarkable. How on earth does J.K. Rowling’s brain work, I wonder? I would love to be able to write like that! Apparently her script was rejected by quite a number of publishing houses before she found one that wanted to publish her work. Oh, how terrible that feeling must be for all the publishing people who told her that her work would never fly. To see how her words turned into gold and knowing that you rejected that. Anyway.

Here I am, a bit nauseous from all the crisps I ate while Harry was fighting you-know-who. I feel really happy right now! Because I got to spend time with my girl: mother-daughter quality time. These hours are so precious to me because most of the time nowadays she and her brother choose to do other stuff than spending time with their parents. We are horribly out of date in their eyes right now, that’s just part of being a teenage parent. So that makes these moments extra special to me, when my kid actually wants to do something together with me.

I will never be able to write like J.K. Rowling and create such a magical world on paper. I will however always continue to write in my own way because I love words so much. And I love having this blog space to use them in whatever way I feel like for the moment. Sometimes I want to write about life’s more deep stuff and sometimes, like now, I just feel like sharing a little moment that feels precious to me in my life. The whole writing experience feels quite magical to me. I sit down and never know what words will come out of me, in which order. When I started writing this blog I could sit for hours and edit my sentences but I have stopped doing that. I just let whatever wants to happen, happen. Sometimes the words almost feel like a song, it’s hard to explain the exact feeling but perhaps you understand what I mean. Writing grounds me and makes me truly happy in a way that few other activities do. So I totally agree with J.K. Rowling when she writes:

Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic

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