About a car in space & a blog

About a car in space & a blog

Hola! February 2018 and I’m here in Spain, doing basically nothing. My life is pretty uneventful at this moment, I promise. So when you want to know what I do all day, I honestly don’t have much to tell you. Some of my friends have suggested I write a blog (or even a book) about my time here and what happened in my life that got me here. So flattering, thank you!

The thing is, I have an issue with taking up someone else’s time. Why should I take up your time by writing about my walks on the beach, the crazy amount of hours I sleep or the amazing food in this country? It somehow just doesn’t feel right to me. Because is that really what you are waiting for, another voice in the massive amount of broadcast we consume every day? It makes me wonder about my own contribution and its’ worthiness.

And then Elon Musk sends a Tesla into space. What?! Yes, he and his company SpaceX actually created the most powerful rocket to date (with reusable parts!). As payload he put in a Tesla Roadster with a dummy driver called Starman. More fun facts: the Tesla is playing David Bowie’s Life on Mars while the text Don’t panic is displayed on the cars’ flat screen. On the circuit board of the car he printed Made on Earth by humans. And then he actually manages to put it in space. Are you getting this? Right now there is a cherry red sports car, playing a David Bowie song, in deep space on its way to Mars (and as it seems now, even beyond)….

This speaks to my imagination in a big way. So much is possible in our time and many of us, including myself, are so privileged. As Elon Musk, we all have tremendous possibility to offer our gifts to the world. It’s just up to me, as everyone else, to figure out what that means for me specifically.

Obviously I get a lot of time to reflect about my life right now and one thing that sticks out for me is that I am passionate about stuff that is real. Beyond facades, masks, pretty and perfect. Right to that space inside us where things sometimes also are messy, unclear and confusing. Where we can have a conversation about something that’s honest and for real and talk about the things that unite us as human beings on this planet.  

So I decided to write about that instead. And one thing led to another and now I have a blog about how I am living my truth. I still can’t believe it because it really is something I thought I would never do in my life. And now I hereby even choose to publish it for everyone who wishes to read. Believe me, this is all pretty far outside my comfort zone. But there it is, my voice.

With love

If you are as fascinated as I am with Elon Musk, I can recommend his biography Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Photo: SpaceX

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  1. Cool to hear your voice! Will be interesting to follow your path from here…

  2. Kul att läsa hur du har det Nanda! Ser fram emot mer 🙂

  3. Hej
    Tesla i rymden är ju ganska knäppt men text från dig är roligt 😊 Hoppas ni har det bra.

  4. Hi Nanda, nice to “hear” your voice telling the truth!
    Enjoy the nothingness!! Is actually the root for fulness!!!
    Elena (from Verona) and the friend of Nataša

  5. Hi Nanda, how lucky I was to meet you just before you left! You are truly inspiring. Hope we can meet again once you are back in Sweden and share ideas on how to be valuable for this world 🙂

  6. Nanda my dearest friend❤️🌹 you are a fantastic human
    Your blog gives me hope in my recovering

  7. Hurra! Så glad för din blogg. Ser fram emot att läsa mer! You’re a natural 🙂

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