About living my truth

About living my truth

I recently watched a speech by Sera Beak on the topic of living who you truly are. Her words resonated with me big-time and got me thinking about my own truth and how I am living it.

It so happens that I am passionate about awareness, compassion, acceptance, honesty and truth. Most people, including me, would sort these things under the label: Spirituality. And boy do I often wish that my truth would labeled differently. Because you know, spiritual people are often being seen as weird, (in swedish) flum and not in touch with reality. So any other label would do really; why not Finance or Medicine for example? Areas where things, to me from the outside at least, seem to be more straightforward with rules and education as well as acceptance from society. But no, spirituality it is and with that a lot of baggage follows.

Baggage in form of gurus, spiritual teachers, healers and coaches. Yoga and meditation. Green juices and ayahuasca. And there comes the tricky part for me because I feel that many people today use spirituality as a mask, just like any other mask you can choose to wear in order not to show your true self. Spirituality nowadays is big business and observing the way we westerners seem to be headed, I think it will only grow. A part of me feels reluctant to deliberately come closer to a world where spirituality is business and many people wear it as a mask. Because I’m simply not interested in facades and things that do not feel real, however spiritual they may seem.

But the fact remains that I am here on this planet to live my truth and be of service and I am tired of letting my own fears of being labeled by other people stop me. My path in life isn’t about getting what I want, it’s about giving who I am without the need for return. So I will continue to live my truth, write about it and use my voice regardless of the amount of likes it receives. 

As Sera reminds us:

“Living the truth of who one is, is every human’s birthright. But due to dire circumstances on this planet, it has unfortunately become a privilege.
Since most of us (westerners) are graced with the time and means to do the work it takes to live who we are, it means it is our duty to do so.
Not just for our own personal success and transformation, but for this planet’s success and transformation.”

If you are interested, you can watch Seras speech Soul Fire: Burn, Baby Burn

Photo: Mira Bozhko – unsplash.com

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  1. I just feel happy when I read about your reflections about your true you ❤

  2. Ser fram emot att läsa denna blogg, med sådan klarhet och djup glädjer det mig att du delar med dig 🙂

  3. Phew, been wrestling with this for a while. Great read, i am learning to live my truth and not striving for people to like me and customising myself everytime so that a particular person can like me. I am emboldened.

    1. Love that word Gabriel: “emboldened”. Thanks for your lovely comment! ♥

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