Long Covid - WHYLD podcast

Long Covid - WHYLD podcast

Life works in magical ways….

A couple of months ago I sat down and wrote Wintering – a way for me to share how I was feeling at that time. I wrote about Long Covid and how I’m still not fully recovered from it even though it’s been almost three years since I got ill.

And then I got an e-mail from Tina, a complete stranger who somehow had found this piece I wrote and subsequently also the rest of my Corona Chronicles. In the e-mail Tina asked me if I would like to be a guest on the podcast WHYLD and talk about my Long Covid journey. That sounded interesting so on a dark winter evening in January Tina and I met online and had a lovely conversation. Among other things we spoke about my experience and finding the gift and beauty in slowing down. We also discussed learning to accept not only the “positive” aspects of our authentic selves and we talked about becoming person soup.

WHYLD is a podcast for bold authentic people and aims to inspire people to grow into their most authentic WHYLD selves.

If you’re curious you can listen to the episode WHYLD33 – Why Fight The Winter? A Long COVID Journey – Nanda Jansson below. You can also find it on Spotify, Apple podcasts, iTunes and the WHYLD website.

Thank you Tina Hewelt for giving me the opportunity to talk about my Long Covid journey! As with my writing, I hope it can be of inspiration to other people ♥

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