About being part of the Universe

About being part of the Universe

I have touched the moon. No, I don’t mean this in a figurative or spiritual way. I have actually touched a part of the moon with my hand. The year was 2016, the summer was hot and I was enjoying a holiday in the US with my family. One day we decided to visit Kennedy Space Center, home of NASA. That day will stay with me for as long as I live! I think I have never been to a place where so much cool stuff is gathered in one place. We drove through rocket launch pads, saw actual rockets and cool movies about space, met an astronaut and yes: touched a piece of the moon that had been brought to earth and was set on display for everyone to touch.

I would declare myself a space nerd but I don’t know if I can since I don’t understand the science of it, like: at all. But even though I don’t understand the science, the Universe and everything to do with it speaks to my imagination bigtime. I think this is because I’m a person with a tendency to live in her head. And living in my head automatically means that I can easily start to believe that my issues in life are huge. As in HUGE. And important. As in IMPORTANT.

But the minute I am reminded of the vastness of the Universe and how tiny I am compared to it, I jump straight out of my head and right into my body and my heart. The late Stephen Hawking, one of the great minds of our time, said:

Remember to look up at the stars
and not down at your feet.
Try to make sense of what you see and wonder
about what makes the universe exist.

I don’t have an answer about what makes the Universe exist. All I know is that it’s endless and mysterious and that we are just a tiny, tiny, TINY part of it. Stephen Hawking said about us as human beings:

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys
on a minor planet of a very average star.
But we can understand the Universe.
That makes us something very special.

I really believe that we are special and obviously capable of pretty much anything. The question is just what we choose to do with our time here on earth. For me it’s easy to look at the great (spiritual) minds of our time such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk or Eckhart Tolle and feel pretty daunted. They contribute so much to our world and what am I doing with my time, really?

Well, I am raising two teenagers to be kind, compassionate and grounded people on this earth. I am giving my time and energy to the people in my life that I love, in the hope that I can provide something positive to each one of them. I am writing this blog about living my truth, not only because it feeds my soul but also because I have a sincere wish for my writing to be of service to other people, also those whom I don’t know. Which leads me to this: if you feel comfortable with it, please share this blog with people in your circles. You can do this for example by liking this blog’s Facebook page, become an Instagram and/or Twitter follower. And as of now you can also subscribe to this blog via e-mail (see bottom of the website), so you get an an alert when a new blog post is up. Thanks! ♥

And now: if you have 6:30 minutes, a quiet spot to sit and feel up for a powerful and visual reminder of the vastness and mystery that is our Universe, you can watch this video: The Known Universe by ANMH (American Museum of Natural History)

Photo: NASA

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