About being a seeker

About being a seeker

This blog is called Living my truth – A seeker’s blog. I guess you understand the living my truth-part. This blog is all about me trying to live according to what feels true for me in my life and writing about how that is (as Dr. Phil says) working for me. As you have probably noticed by now, sometimes this is working absolutely great and sometimes I feel that I’m quite lost. I have discovered how writing about this feeds my soul, hence the existence of this blog.

But seeker, what’s that about really? An attempt to write something catchy or a way to communicate that I’m a spiritual person? It really is neither. I could have come up with other descriptions for myself and as you can read in my previous blog post About living my truth I feel a bit cautious towards the whole spirituality scene.

The definition of a seeker is: one that seeks, a seeker of the truth. Another definition states it has to do with a person trying to find or obtain something.

For as long as I can remember I have had this deep feeling of wonder about life. Why did I come into this life, in this time, and what is my purpose here? Pretty heavy stuff, I know. I have spent many years feeling overwhelmed by a lot of aspects of life. But regardless of how much I was occupied with surviving the waves of life, the underlying feeling of there must be something more remained inside me.

I think I have been on a quest to figure out this life-puzzle for the most part of my life. Sometimes consciously but many times also unconsciously. My curiosity about life seems to be endless and as you can see in this blog I love reflecting about how we all are in it together, this life here right now on earth.

So defining myself as a seeker somehow feels right for me. I am constantly seeking to find out more about myself, what is true for me, and ultimately about life. I believe that this is such an integral part of who I am that I will always continue doing so. And I also believe that a part of my purpose in life is to share my seeker-stories with other people. It therefore makes me really happy that you want to read this blog!

One important thing I have learned on my path in life is that whatever I am seeking for is inside me. There’s no point in trying to focus on getting something from a space outside myself. However easy that might be, I have learned that it simply doesn’t work. So that’s why seeking for me always is about what’s going on inside me. I believe that it’s inside me where real truth and wisdom can be found. I think this is what Gautama Buddha meant when he said:

The seeker is that which is being sought.

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